Takes Place in the Cavan Art Gallery


Prana Flow Yoga

Timing: TBA

At this class we unite body and breath moving through asanas (yoga postures) with a rhythmic fluidity. These classes are designed to invite and encourage a more free flow of Prana (life force energy) within. Come and enjoy meditation gentle and active vinyasa (breath synchonized movement) and pranayama (energy exploration through breath) practise. This class is available to all levels of yoga experience but some is recommended.

Evening Class TBA Hatha Yoga
“Ha” is translated into Sun and “tha.” into moon. This practise offers a path forward to creating balance and uniting opposites on and off the mat, while each class balance effort and surrender. Come and enjoy meditation, gentle and moderate asanas (yoga postures) and relaxation. This class is available to all levels of yoga experience.

Payment Terms
All prices are net and do not include applicable taxes.

Visa, MasterCard, or cheque are accepted at time of booking.

$72 + Tax 9.36 = 81.36 Six Weeks
$15 + tax 1.95 = 16.95 Drop In

6 Weeks Course is $72 and $15 for Drop ins