Ages 6 to 12   $150  
Start Date:  Sept 11 to Dec 4th

After-School Art Program 

Learn to paint, draw, sculpt in acrylics, watercolour, clay and so much more.  Making and enjoying all kinds of hands-on art activities.

Everything included $150.00 for 10 weeks.

Program is organized into 10 segments with a project for each week which

will teach the following elements and skills within an interesting assignment

Week 1    Tables and Chairs  Drawing and Values– graphite, colour pencil,

               watercolour pencil and caran d’ache

Week 2    Farm Animals Lines & Shapes – Sharpies, introduction to


Week 3    Flowers   Colour Wheel, complementary and analogous colours,


Week 4    Advertisements   Printmaking with plexiglas, soap and watercolour

Week 5    Rolling Hills and Valleys      Introduction to Composition and Fluid

              Acrylic Paints on stretched canvas

Week 6    Houses    Forms, Textures and Patterns  Clay Sculpture

Week 7    Textures    Glazing, positive and negative space, gelatin plates


Week 8    Birch Trees  Simplifying nature, mixing colours, acrylic paint on

               wood panel

Week 9          Robots          From the imagination   Printmaking with gelatin plates and paper

Week 10       Family            From photographs draw or paint your family     Making choices    

                       Favourite Medium

Start:            10 Weeks  September 11th, 4 to 5:30

No class:      September 25    Thanksgiving October 9

Ends             December 4th