Artist celebrates markets of the world
July 16th, 2016 9:31 am
Cavan resident and artist Valerie Kent will open her Let’s Celebrate Markets show at the John M. Parrott Gallery in the Belleville Public Library later this month. The works were inspired by her experiences in markets in various countries she visited during painting tours. “What I used to do was take Canadians to learn how to paint in other countries,” she said speaking from her home Thursday afternoon. “I worked on river cruises from Paris to Normandy and Burgundy to Aix-en-Provence and what happened was we went to all these different markets all over France.” Later, she accompanied people on tours across Italy and visited markets in Florence, Sienne and the province of Luberon. “That was the old Internet, that’s how commerce was done. It just seemed to be more connected with people talking and bargaining, people yelling, baskets overflowing,” she said. “A market is spectacular, it’s just so exciting.” Kent has been working on Marketplace Series for close to three years. It is a compilation of real markets she has seen and visited, some that are remembered, some photographed, some previously sketched and some that have been worked out in the 9 x 12” format, she said. Each market represents a genre of marketplace, and they are painted in an abstracted urban figurative format. The interactions that occur at markets is what has been the most fascinating aspect of this very oneon-one human activity, she said. “I love to look at how people are standing. Facing each other and talking about what they’re buying, leaning over the stall and holding up pieces,” she said. “The body language is so interesting at the market and I hope you can see that in some of the paintings.” Kent’s upcoming show will feature more than 20 works including one of the Belleville’s Farmer’s Market which she painted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the market. “To think that Belleville has 200 years of this – what an incredible joy.” “I...
Grand Openings: Something for Everyone
June 20th, 2016 1:41 am
  It is YOU who will make all the difference.

I am sitting here in Cavan, Ontario and things that I could only dream about are about to happen.  For the longest time everything seemed to move at snail's pace and then - here it is.

Two such things are the completion of the Cavan Art Academy and the Cavan Art Gallery.  A picture is worth a thousand
words and so I apologize ahead by asking you to turn to the photos on because the w...


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